About Texas Rangers

The glorious sport of baseball has graced the American public with its presence since perhaps before the late 1700’s. It is a sport steeped in traditions, with songs, signature foods, and other representative elements to call its own. It is often considered the staple American sport, and the baseball cap, which as its origins in the sport itself, is now seen across the country and the rest of the world. Baseball caps, which often have a team’s logo on their front, are widely used as a way to show loyalty or support to a specific team, and, while when you think of Texas, the first kind of hat that comes to mind isn’t the baseball cap, it is certainly worn by wearers to support one of their most well-known teams, the Texas Rangers.

The Texas Rangers were originally called the Washington Senators, but the franchise moved to Arlington, Texas in 1971-72, and became the Rangers, named after the law enforcement agency.

Today, the Texas Rangers are ranked as the reigning champions of both the Western Division of the American League, and the American League itself. Their American League West division championship in 2011 was both their second straight division title, and their second straight post-season appearance. They have a total of eight players currently inducted in the hall of fame, seven as the Rangers, and one as the Senators.

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